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Sendhil Ramanurthy Pictures
9th-Jan-2008 02:26 pm - Available now...
~ stock; coffee drive
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Wow, this place hasnt been updated in AGES.
Thought I'd share a picture hot off the newstands.
 Imagine my delight as I picked up February's edition of Glamour last night and turned to see this........

sendhil prettiest
Trailers and/or video clips with Sendhil can be seen at the official movie sites linked below. A smattering of small screencaps are under the cuts.

Thanks to Gravity Official Website
Sendhil appears sporadically throughout the trailer.

Four small trailer screencapsCollapse )

Blind Dating Official Website
Go to "Trailers & Clips," click on "Clips," and click on "Clip #2" for a scene of Sendhil on a date with Anjali Jay.

Six clip screencapsCollapse )

Cross-posted to my LJ
I got the reportedly cheesy and horrible NBC mini-series In The Beginning on DVD pretty cheaply at my local shop, so I made some caps to share. Below the cut is a picspam with 14 caps, worth about 2.4mb, with some non-sexual nudity. You'll probably all have seen this already, but hey -- DVD quality counts for something, right?

beware of hairCollapse )

Zip file with all 116 caps I took: sr_adam.zip, 20mb

And an animated icon:

Everything is gankable, no comment or credit necessary, use for whatever you want. Please don't direct-link.
7th-Jun-2007 12:42 pm - Sendhil in "Ultimate Force" (2002)
sendhil prettiest
You can browse all 200 or so screencaps at my photobucket (all the SR-UF sub-albums contain stuff from Ultimate Force).

About 40 big screencaps below the cut.
Read more...Collapse )
26th-May-2007 02:38 pm - Sendhil as Adam in "In The Beginning"
sendhil prettiest
Sendhil Ramamurthy's first IMDB credit is the brief but crucial role of Adam in the 2000 Biblical TV miniseries "In The Beginning." Yes, Biblical. Yes, that Adam.

Apologies for the awful quality--these pics/videos were taken with a digital camera pointed at a TV screen.


Warning: Partial nudity, bad wigs, and cheezy narrationCollapse )
4th-Apr-2007 09:38 am - Mod Post
I am going on hiatus.

This community needs a moderator.

Please contact me at skywardprodigal at gmail dot com if you would like to become a moderator.
22nd-Mar-2007 11:10 am - Icons and Bases, Sexy!
will lennox

001 002 003

Now who is bringing Sexy Back!?!Collapse )
28th-Jan-2007 07:34 pm - from "India Ink"
Free Image Hosting at allyoucanupload.com

With Lethia Nall in Indian Ink (Photo © Cecilia Casella)
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